Thursday, 12 April 2012

Learning Ftom Othe

3. Always be on the look-out for chances yo learn valuable lesson.
Learning Ftom Others

    Every successful singer has a singing coach, and top singers often give master classes. The prjnciple is just the same for leaders. U learn better leadership skills by being coached, and u develop those skills further by coaching others.

4. Take a refresher course if you need to brush up on rusty skills.
Improving Skills

      Leaders must continually assess their perfomence and look for ways to improve and extend their skills. A great deal can be learned by simply observing others whose behaviour appears to get result. A mentor will provide informal guidance  where needed, or you may choose a more formal avenue of learing, such a training programme.

Using  Formal Training 

       Even leaders with years of on-the-job experience can benefit fromal training from time to time. Out side training gives you an opportunity to get away from day-to-day activities, and provides a fresh perspective. Use training to keep abreast  of current trends and to brush up on or  acquire sprcific skills. Do not wait to be asked-assess your streangth and weaknesses and put yourself forward for courses that match your

5. Use coaching sessions to learn as well as teach.
Coaching Others

6. Set an example to your staff  by being trained yourself.
           Training others provide a valuable source of education in the skills needed to  become an effective leader,such as communicating clearily, giving instructions , getting feed back ,deligating,motivating,and developing people.Always ask for feedback from those you r coaching –they can provide useful insights into your own perfomance .Share your experience and expertise with other people  to help you to clarify your own attitude, beliefs,and priorities, and to analyze your own perfomance. Use any time spent coaching your staff to discover their needs, what motivates them, and how they respond to your leadership styl. Develop skills in other people to enable  you to delegate some of your tasks, leaving more time available for you to spend on activities that will improve your own skills as a  leader.


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