Friday, 20 April 2012

Forming A Team

Forming A Team

     Establishing a team or appointing new team members is the responsibility of the leader. Find the best candidates to form a balanced and dynamic team, either through internal promotion or external recruitment, and help them to feel part of the team.

Finding Candidates

     Cast the widest possible net, and spend as much time as needed on the selection process .Draw up a list of criteria, essential characteristics, and skills that the appointee must have. Make sure that the criteria are relavant. A common mistack is to insist on ‘industry experience’, when reserech shows that it bears little relationship to success in the job. Candidate who fulfill all your criteria will be rare, so be prepared to be flexible at the selection stage.

Promoting Insiders

     Internal promation is not only cheaper, but tells everybody that they have opportunity to rise, which is the most satisfying reward. Leaders should constantly be on the look-out for abilites that can be exploited in higher-level teams. When recurting internally, give consideration to the moral of other staff, who may feel that they have been passed over. Explain clearely to all concerned why the person that you selected is right for this assignment, and emphasize that there will be other oppertunities. The allow your candidate to prove you right.

Balancing Skills

    For any team to function effectively, there must be a balance of technical, problem-solving, decision-making and interpersional skills among its members. The ideal groupe will be creative yet deciplined, able to genarate new ideas and find solutions to difficulities, and , at the same time, organised enough to paln and implement a task with in a given timescale.

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