Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Delegating Tasks

Delegating Tasks

                                   As, leader you should concentrate your time on activities that nobody else can do. Delegation is a form of time management. It is a way of exercising control and meeting your own responsibilities more effectively, While developing the skills of your staff.

Increasing Your Time

      Managers often claim that the demands of operational and routine duties leave them little to concentrate on important, long-term matters, such as strategic planning  and training. To create more time for yourself, it is essential to hand down more routine tasks by delegation. Even if you, the leader, are better and faster at a task than anybody else in the team, the golden rule is that you should not, and cannot, do everything yourself. Leadership involves handing over the task to others, and then helping them to match or exceed your standards.

Briefing delegates

     Give the delegate a clear, written brief, developed in consultation, that sets out the objectives, the resource available, the constraints, and the time schedule, if relevant. Supplement the written brief with an interview to ensure mutual understanding. If the circumstances change, after the brief to suit-don’t stick to it slavishly.         

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