Thursday, 19 April 2012

Assessing Your Leadership Potentia

Assessing Your Leadership Potential

    Evaluate how will you measure up us a prospective leader by responding to the following statements, and mark the options closest to your experience. If your answer is ‘never’, mark option 4; and so on. Add your scores together , and refer to the Analysis to see how will you fared. Use your answers to identify the areas that maost need improvement.
1)      Never
2)      Occasionally
3)      Frequently
4)      Always

1)      I take the lead in meeting to clarify objectives and agendas.
           1   2    3   4  
2) I focus strongly on achieving results from the tasks I undertake.
           1   2   3   4
3) I propose original ideas for discussion in meetings.
           1   2   3   4
4) I make friends easily and have many useful outside contacts.
           1   2   3   4
5) I find and tell the objective truth, even if people don’t  like to hear it.
           1   2   3   4
6) I maintain friendly relations with everyone on the team.
           1   2   3   4
7) My ability makes me want to change.
            1   2   3   4
8) I take advice impartially from above, below, and from equals.
           1   2   3   4
9) I find it easily to express genuine, close friendship.
           1   2   3   4
10) I like people to express geniune, close friendship to me.
           1   2   3   4
11) I can work easily with all types of people.
            1   2   3   4
12) I take time out each week to recharge my mental batteries.
           1   2   3   4


   Now that you have completed the self assessment, add up your total score, and check your ability by reading the corresponding evaluation. However great your potential as a leader may be, remember that there is always room for improvement.
Identify your weakest areas, and refer to the relevant sections in this blog, where you will find practial advice and tips to help your understand what it takes to lead others and your leadership skills.
12-24: You are potentally competent, but you need to do a lot of work before you can excel in a leadership role.
25-36: Although you have the making of a good leader, some areas still to be improved. Identify and work on them.
37-48: Your leadership promise is high, but don’t become complacent. Strive to realize it. 

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