Monday, 16 April 2012

Mastering Roles

9. Think carefully about the best way to behave in every situation.
Mastering Roles

             Leadership is a multi-dimensional function, requiring knowledge and understanding of many organisanal needs.As a leader, you must master the variuos roles that are required to handle different people and circumstances with skill and effiency.

Taking The Overview
10. concentrate on getting things done, not on trying yo show that  you are the one in charge
            A leader’s role differs materially from that of the manager. While a manager must focus on implimenting specific tasks, the leader must act as a grandmaster, a strategist, directing the game as a whole, and organising the players. All leaders have different talents, and may be stronger in some skills than in others. To be successful you must be able to fill a number of roles, using a range of skills and leadership styles according to the task, the situation, and the people involved

Q. Do I communicate directly with my team and also with other departmants?

Q. Am I sure that every member of the team undestands his or her role fully?

Q. Am I setting sufficiently ambitious goals?

Q. Do I have procedures in place that allow me to check on team progress instently?

Being An Administrator

             Administation is the key role of the leader, and nowadays there is much more to the role than simpley “running a tight ship” on a predetermined course. The modern administrator is expected to be creative, devising processes and streamlining activities, not only to ensure the smooth running of procedures, but also to increase efficiency. To get the best from the team,set aside time to organise systems that will minimise time-wasting and improve productivity. Look for ways to reduce paper work-direct communication is usually more effective. Liaise with other departments to ensure that every one knows what is expected of them, and keep an open team diary for instant checks on current tasks and deadlines

Comparing Leaders And Managers

Inspire trust
Think long term
Think short term
Ask what and why
Ask how and when
Watch the horizon
Watch bottom line
Challenges status quo
Accept status quo
Are their own people
Are good soldiers
Do the right thing
Do  right thing

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