Friday, 30 March 2012


Hi "FRIENDS","READERS" and my beloved ones,First of all Iam showing you some SUCCESS STORIES Get inspired by these entrepreneurs who have taken their idea and made it a success. Paper Shower Looks to Clean Up This new company puts the standard hand wipe to shame
(Cleaning up in the wet-wipe market: Jim Bahcall of Paper Shower.) It all started because he was really sweaty. Dr. Jim Bahcall, an avid cyclist, spent his mornings biking before work, usually stopping at a local Starbucks in his hometown of Chicago to cool off. Then he would clean himself up using hand wipes. One particularly hot and humid morning, Bahcall's method just wasn't cutting it. "Although [the wet wipe] is high in alcohol so it dries quickly, it just wasn't drying, and I felt so wet all over," he says. "I had to go into the bathroom and use a paper towel to dry myself off--that's when the 'aha' moment came. I said to myself, 'They should come out with a dry towelette along with this.'" So about a year and a half ago, Bahcall--a dentist with a business background (he's launched three companies)--began research to develop a combination wet and dry towelette pack designed as a body wipe for people on the go. He aptly named his new product Paper Shower.
With the intent to ultimately get into the retail space, Bahcall wanted to first build credibility through online sales. Outsourcing manufacturing, patenting and graphic design, Bahcall stayed focused on building the brand identity. "If you have a great product and you handle the customer support and distribution, the rest is just details," he says. "We didn't have to reinvent the [wet] solution. We perfected it to what we were looking for and added that dry towelette, which is the key component."

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